Bothered by stubborn body fat? You can waste time trying one fad diet and exercise program after another, or you can schedule an appointment for Emsculpt, a new, non-invasive procedure designed to contour your body and finally provide results that make you smile. What more could a person ask for? Unlike other procedures, Emsculpt quickly and safely melts away body fat and builds muscle, creating the body you’ve always wanted. Do not be the last to learn why Emsculpt is the procedure everyone is talking about. If you are ready to see results and get rid of body fat, we want you to know seven important facts about Emsculpt.

A What is Emsculpt?

We’ve seen firsthand the fantastic results Emsculpt offers. It melts unwanted fat from the body using electromagnetic energy. But, this procedure goes even further to contour your body and helps replace fat with muscle. In a matter of a few short weeks, Emsculpt can sculpt your new body.

Electromagnetic energy focuses on muscles in trouble areas, introducing thousands of supramaximal contractions. This procedure is the workout you CAN do: sit back, relax, and allow the tools to do the work. It is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups on your own.

A Safe Procedure

Since this procedure is non-invasive, you don’t have to worry about the risks of going under the knife. It’s also quick, requiring less than half an hour of your time, and it’s pain-free, meaning you can schedule an appointment during your lunch break and get right back to work without anyone knowing how you spent your time.

You won’t have the worry of harmful side effects after an Emsculpt procedure because it’s virtually risk-free.

Plus, since Emsculpt replaces fat with muscle, it does not come back in a few weeks or months, a common problem with many procedures on the market. This difference is one that you can appreciate when you want to get the body you’ve always wanted and improve your self-esteem.

Can be used by Nearly Anyone

Emsculpt truly is a safe procedure designed to melt fat away from your body. It is so safe, nearly anyone can schedule an appointment and begin treatment. If you are a healthy adult 18 years old or older, we need to talk about Emsculpt in Denver and how wonderfully it can work for you.

Women who’ve just given birth often find the results of Emsculpt beneficial to their needs. Men who’ve allowed work and family to get in the way of self-care also enjoy the fast results this procedure awards them. Truly anyone who wants to contour their body and melt fat away can enjoy the results of Emsculpt.

If you are pregnant, Emsculpt procedures should wait until after delivery. Emsculpt should also not be used by anyone with implants anywhere in their body.

Works on Four Major Areas of the Body

Many treatments out there burn fat, but unlike Emsculpt, do not replace it with muscle. Additionally, many of them work on one area of the body, resulting in the need for several different procedures to treat multiple problematic areas.

While you melt away stubborn fat from the abdomen, the most problematic area for many people, you can also build a tighter, firmer, sexier buttocks, and work your arms and inner thighs. Emsculpt truly contours your body into the beautiful shape you’ve always hoped to see looking in the mirror.

Plus, Emsculpt offers benefits for men and women of all ages. As long as you are over age 18 and healthy, you likely qualify as a good candidate for the Emsculpt procedure.

Quick Results

To benefit fully from an Emsculpt procedure, you’ll need to come into the office four times over a two week period. Each session lasts about half an hour. Patients notice results after each of the treatments, including a flatter stomach, more toned body, and a fuller butt.

Amazing Benefits of Emsculpt in Denver

We’ve talked about some of the benefits of Emsculpt already, but here is the complete list. After your four Emsculpt procedures, you will see a new you in the mirror, a you with a body that you love and want to show off to the world.

Denver Emsculpt benefits include:

  • Fast, effective results
  • Non-invasive, safe procedure
  • Can be used by nearly anyone
  • Lose body fat
  • Gain muscle tone
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

Long-lasting Results

Everyone who schedules an Emsculpt procedure wants to know the results are worthwhile. The truth is you decide this answer and how long the results last. After Emsculpt, patients who live healthier lifestyles, exercise more, and eat better foods see results that last For some people, the results last a lifetime.

We know that you are excited about this procedure and finally getting the body of your dreams. We cannot wait to see you in the office to help you reach that goal. We’ll do all that we can do to help you keep off the weight after Emsculpt and ensure you are on the path to success.

We know that you are excited to learn more about Emsculpt and we’ll have an email available to shoot us questions very soon. In the meantime, give us a call at 720.766.1612 to book an appointment or learn more about Emsculpt and the fantastic results it has in store for you!