Aesthetics 360 Lash & MedSpa is the preferred brow and permanent makeup salon in Parker, Colorado. Our team of dedicated aestheticians and lash technicians can help you get the look you want. Our treatments are designed to take the hassle out of trying to maintain perfect brows at home. In fact, you may be able to finally walk away from your dependence on mascara and brow kits!

Trained in offering cutting-edge lash and brow techniques that create definition and sculpting, we offer a relaxing, pampering setting where only high-quality products are used for helping you to achieve properly conditioned and nourished brows.

Eyebrow Tinting

An exceptional way to get defined eyebrows, eyebrow tinting is a process of applying semi-permanent dye to eyebrows. In addition to darkening the eyebrows, tinting also allows the brow technician to increase width and length by strategically darkening fine hairs at the perimeter of the brow. Brow tinting takes just 15 minutes. Brows appear fuller instantly following treatment. Tints generally last for four to six weeks.

Brow Lamination With Brow Wax

Aesthetics 360 Lash & MedSpa clients can combine eyebrow waxing with brow lamination for highly sculpted results. During a brow wax, wax is applied over unwanted stray hairs before being pulled away to remove hairs at the follicles. The brow expert will then do some cleanup work by trimming and tweezing around the brow until the brow’s shape is perfected. Brow waxing provides immediate shaping and hair removal that can be expected to last for three to four weeks.

For those seeking to take their brows to the next level, brow lamination is an ideal option. Brow lamination lifts brows at the root to create a fuller effect compared to brow shaping alone. After using a relaxer to make hair follicles more receptive to stretching and shaping, brows are sculpted. They are then set into place with a nourishing serum. The process takes roughly 40 minutes.

Brow lamination and waxing help to sculpt and accentuate brows for a true “celebrity brow” look. Combining the two is a great way to keep unruly hairs tamed for a groomed, polished look that helps to frame your face. Our medical spa makes it easy to get your brows taken care of for long-lasting beauty!

Permanent Makeup

Ombre Powder Brows are a type of permanent makeup technique used to create the appearance of fuller, softer-looking brows. This method usually involves using two shades of pigment that are blended to give the desired look. The dark shade is applied at the start of the brow and then gradually fades into a lighter color towards the end. This technique is especially beneficial for those who have sparse or thin brows, as it can give the appearance of thicker and more defined eyebrows. Permanent makeup is a great option for those looking to save time in their makeup routine, as the results are long-lasting and require minimal upkeep.

Brow Waxing

In addition to being the best MedSpa in Parker, we are also esteemed brow professionals for people throughout the Parker area. We can shape, sculpt, and define your brows with our expert waxing techniques. If you prefer dramatic brows, we can combine waxing with brow tinting, brow lamination, and more. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the type of brow look you’re seeking to achieve through waxing. Our team is able to recreate many popular brow looks.

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Aesthetics 360 Lash & MedSpa is proud to be your source for polished brows in Parker, Colorado. We offer a pampering, hygienic setting for receiving a variety of lash and brow services. Our team takes pride in ensuring the comfort of our clients. While our lash and brow treatments are generally painless, we’ll discuss options for increasing your comfort during your consultation. Ask us about combining various aesthetic treatments during your appointment to make the most of your visit! When you book an appointment with our aestheticians, we’ll help you match all color options to your current hair color to create a truly professional look. Booking an appointment is easy! Call (720) 766-1612 or book online.