Stained, yellowing and discolored teeth can be embarrassing. Anyone can experience these issues, even people who take brilliant care of their teeth. Everyday food and drinks like coffee can stain the teeth. So can smoking cigarettes, genetics, and other factors. When our teeth aren’t as white as they should be, it causes a lack of confidence and may keep us in the house more than we’d like, fearful someone will mention our teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is the solution. Laser whitening is safe, effective, and available to anyone looking to improve their smile. With many different whitening systems out there, however, picking one that outshines the rest can be difficult.

DaVinci teeth whitening system is unlike other products and procedures you’ve seen before. It’s more effective than other procedures, helping give you the white smile you want. It’s safer than other products, its gel is made using natural and plant-based ingredients, and has a myriad of other benefits that make the procedure a much better choice than most. Find out why patients prefer the DaVinci teeth whitening system below as we uncover the biggest and best benefits of this dental treatment.

What is DaVinci Teeth Whitening System?

DaVinci is a professional teeth whitening laser treatment available at our dental office. Unlike other whitening systems, DaVinci allows personalized options that work for each patient’s individual needs. It is safe, effective, and provides long-lasting results. Let’s look at five benefits offered to patients that choose the DaVinci teeth whitening system.

1, Different Lasers for Different Whitening Needs

Every person who wants to whiten their teeth can enjoy the personalized results offered with the DaVinci teeth whitening system. Most laser whitening systems use one type of laser for every single patient, never taking into consideration their unique needs. It’s a take it or leave it an ordeal. With DaVinci, you can pick from stationary, portable, cosmetic, or medical light options to get the exact level of whitening that is most effective for your needs.

2. Whitest White Possible

The results of a teeth whitening procedure vary from patient to patient. Many factors influence the whitening power you can expect, including the type and brand of treatment. DaVinci teeth whitening uses laser beams to remove discolorations, stains, and other imperfections on the teeth. This teeth whitening procedure can whiten the teeth up to 14 shades. On average, each 20-minute teeth whitening session whitens the teeth eight shades.

3. Safe Teeth Whitening in Denver

Your safety is your first concern before undergoing any procedure, even something simple such as teeth whitening. Rest assured DaVinci is safe. It is FDA-approved and compliant, in fact. Teeth whitening procedures whiten the teeth but can have adverse effects on a person’s oral health. For example, bleaching procedures can break down the teeth’s enamel; once the enamel is done, it’s gone. Davinci teeth whitening is one of the safest professional procedures available, using only natural and plant-based ingredients in its bleaching system to protect your teeth and oral health. You can safely whiten your teeth without the worry of harmful repercussions when DaVinci is the procedure of your choice.

4. Quick and Effective Procedure

DaVinci teeth whitening procedures provide effective results in just 20 minutes of your time. It is one of the fastest (and safest) teeth whitening procedures currently available on the market. Many patients schedule appointments during their lunch break from work and return to work immediately. There is no downtime and the results are immediate. You will walk out of the office with a brand new smile and a new attitude.

5. Long-Lasting Results

Professional teeth whitening generally needs to be performed once every six months to once per year to maintain a beautiful white smile. This can run into quite the expense. DaVinci teeth whitening provides long-lasting results which can help offset some of the expense. On average, patients need treatments only once every 18 months although patients who take special care of their teeth after whitening may see results lasting as long as three years.

Get the White Smile You Deserve

DaVinci teeth whitening is unlike other whitening systems currently available. Along with the five exciting benefits listed above, patients can also expect a quick, pain-free whitening experience. Some teeth whitening systems cause pain or discomfort but that isn’t a concern using this one.

DaVinci FAQ

Can I use DaVinci if I have bridges and crowns?

Although Davinci may not remove all discoloration from bridges and crowns, it can effectively whiten teeth. If you currently use a bridge or a crown, let our dentist know during your consultation.

How can I keep my teeth white after a DaVinci procedure?

DaVinci can leave your teeth white and beautiful for up to three years, depending on the aftercare you provide. Avoid foods and drinks known to stain the teeth, ensure proper oral health care, and visit your dentist on a regular basis to maintain the results of your teeth whitening procedure.

Can I use DaVinci at home?

DaVinci is a professional whitening procedure done in-office. Although we do offer several products that you can use at home, these products are designed to complement the original procedure.

DaVinci is a unique teeth whitening system that takes care of your teeth better than its competition. If you are ready to whiten your teeth with the best, it is time to schedule an appointment at our office.

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