Is a professional facial good for your skin? It’s easy to think of a facial as an indulgent treatment that should only be done as a reward for a special occasion. However, it might be time to rethink the facial. Regular facials could actually hold the secret to maintaining healthy, ageless skin. Are you thinking of booking a facial in Parker, CO? Don’t make your decision until you hear about the seven reasons to get regular facials.

1. There’s No Better Way to Get Truly Clean Skin

A professional facial provides a deep-cleaning experience that simply can’t be matched at home. Think of it like seeing the dentist versus brushing your teeth at home! Despite our best efforts with drugstore and boutique cleansers, most of us are living with dirt and oils embedded in our pores. In addition to stealing our glow, dirt and oil also age our skin by allowing toxins to cause oxidative damage. There’s also the breakout factor. When our pores are filled with excessive sebum, we tend to get blackheads and acne.

Professional facials use creams, cleansers, and exfoliating products in a careful sequence to open pores to remove all of the dirt and oil. As the pores open, dead skills cells are sloughed off to enable skin’s own regenerative process. Finally, serums and moisturizers are used to firm up the skin. The end result is an ultra-clean glow that creates healthy, radiant skin.

2. Facials Can Help Your Everyday Skincare Products to Work Better

The best part of all is that skin doesn’t just look more beautiful when it’s bare following a cleansing facial. Properly cleaned skin is the perfect base for moisturizing products and makeup products! Many people find that they get better results from the products they use every day after having their skin properly cleaned with a professional facial. That’s because many products simply rest on the surface of skin after dead skin cells and clogged pores prevent them from being properly absorbed. That means skin doesn’t receive proper hydration from creams and serums.

3. Facials Fight Puffiness

Did you know that waste hiding under your skin could actually be causing puffiness and redness? Facials can help with that! Many people suffer from a sluggish lymphatic system that allows toxins to pool under the skin. The stimulation of the lymphatic system created by a facial helps to detoxify the skin by releasing built-up fluid.

4. A Facial Provides the Perfect Opportunity for a Professional Skin Analysis

Some benefits of regular facials go beyond the actual facial. When you meet with an esthetician for a facial appointment, you’re getting a chance to have your bare face seen by a professional. This allows the esthetician to evaluate:

  • Your true skin type.
  • Pressing skin damage.
  • Clogged pores.
  • Preventable lines and wrinkles.
  • Discoloration.
  • Puffiness or inflammation.

There’s a troubleshooting aspect to a professional facial. If you’re struggling with a skin issue that’s mystifying you, your esthetician will work with you to get to the bottom of acne, redness, dryness, brown spots, and other issues. Your facial can be tailored to include skin brighteners, lipid treatments, and other spa-only options to help address your unique skin issues.

The information gained from a professional examination can be essential for getting on the right course with your at-home skincare routine. In addition, an esthetician can point out any trouble signs that should be followed up with a visit to a dermatologist. They can also recommend specific products for getting optimal skin results. If you’re not getting great results from products, estheticians can provide counseling on how to use products and devices properly to achieve better results.

5. Facials Boost Skin’s Circulation

A professional facial wakes up skin by increasing circulation. Why is that important for the health and appearance of skin? Blood flow helps to nourish skin cells. In addition to creating a fresh face in the moment, this enhanced blood flow also helps to activate skin’s regenerative properties. Better circulation helps to combat wrinkles and dryness.

6. Hydration, Hydration, and Hydration

Skin cells need water to survive! However, many people don’t hydrate their skin properly based on skin type. During a facial, your esthetician uses professional-grade hydration serums and moisturizing products to infuse your skin with effective hydration that strengthens the skin barrier to help lock in moisture. As Cosmopolitan points out, the skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin that serves as a protective shield for your face. It protects the skin from stressors while locking in all-important moisture. A telltale sign that your moisture barrier has been weakened is perpetually dry skin that can’t be helped with constant application of moisturizing products.

7. Don’t Forget About Pure Relaxation

You deserve this. There’s simply no better reason to book a professional facial that nourishes and beautifies your skin. A facial is a relaxing, aromatic experience that helps to induce relaxation. It’s a “guilty pleasure” anyone can feel good about because it leaves their skin healthier and younger than when they walked in the door.

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