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What are Injectables?

Injectables are treatments that target specific areas of the face in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases, especially around the mouth and eyes. These products are introduced just below the surface layer of the skin via a sterilized hypodermic needle with the goal of blocking muscle contractions or filling in areas of the skin that produce a lined or hollowed-out appearance.

Types of Injectable Anti-Aging Products

The best-known injectable skin treatments are BOTOX® and Juvederm®, but similar treatments go by a variety of brand names. Injectables like BOTOX and Dysport® use a safe formulation of the botulinum toxin to temporarily block muscle contractions around the eyes and on the forehead to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases. These are known as neuromodulators.

Treatments with this injectable last from 3 – 6 months, depending on the strength, and need to be refreshed 2 – 3 times a year for continued effectiveness.

Facial fillers are products that contain naturally occurring substances to plump up the skin around the eyes, below the cheeks, on the chin, and around the lip line. In addition to Juvaderm, these products are formulated under the brand names like Restylane® and Sculptra®.

Facial fillers generally contain Hyaluronic acid, Poly-L-lactic acid, or Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) in combination with other bio-compatible ingredients. Each type of filler is formulated to target a specific region of the face and address a particular beauty issue.

For example, products like Juvaderm and Restylane can be used to fill in nasolabial folds, frown lines, and hollowed areas under the cheekbones. VOLUMA® can be injected to enhance the cheekbones and give you a more sculpted appearance.

These and other fillers can be used to reduce the appearance of:

  • Lip lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • “Puppet lines” on the chin

They can also be injected into the back of the hands to provide a more even, youthful appearance. These products should be administered in 4 – 5 sessions a few weeks apart for best results and last for up to two years.

One product, Kybella®, is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that’s designed to eliminate fat under the jawline to reduce the appearance of sagging jowls and double chins. It should take about six sessions for the best results.

Benefits of Getting Injectable Beauty Treatments

The main benefits of injectable beauty treatments are affordability and ease of use. Although sessions can run up to $1,500 each, that cost is distributed over several weeks or months. Once the sessions are complete, only occasional touchups are needed.

Compare that to the cost of cosmetic surgery, and you’ll see that you’re paying a fraction of the price.

Unlike surgery, these treatments are non-invasive. There’s also very little downtime and less risk of complications. In fact, you’ll be able to go back to your usual routine shortly after leaving our medspa.

However, these treatments aren’t for everyone. For example, those who are allergic to any ingredients or who have had an unfavorable reaction to injectables in the past should not take any chances.

Here are five things you should know before undergoing treatment with injectables.

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting an Injectable

1. Quality Matters

We’ve all seen images and video of cosmetic procedures gone wrong. Although a bad job can be reversed, at least to some degree, it takes a lot of time and expense. For instance, facial fillers can be dissolved, but many injectables must dissipate on their own. Even naturally-occurring and bio-compatible ingredients can cause irritation or bad reactions.

Before introducing any substance to your body, it should contain high-quality, medical-grade ingredients. It should also be administered in a sterile environment by a licensed, qualified aesthetician.

2. Always Get a Consultation First

There are so many choices nowadays, with more entering the market every day. Each and every client is unique, too, with different concerns, budgets, and beauty goals.

Consulting with an aesthetician at our medspa offers several advantages.

First of all, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of various injectable treatments and how they work. You’ll also be able to develop a relationship with your beauty care consultant. This will allow us to devise a personalized treatment plan that will address your most pressing issues and take a proactive approach to anti-aging.

3. Pre-Treatment Guidelines Were Created for a Reason

You probably won’t get your first treatment right away. After your initial consultation, you’ll receive a list of instructions and schedule your first session.

These post-treatment instructions are necessary to reduce risk and ensure the best possible outcome. For example, some over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription meds can interfere with the product or prolong recovery time. You should stop taking them for a few days before each session.

Some products to avoid:

  • Aspirin and ibuprofenfen
  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin E supplements
  • Skin products containing retinol

Your beauty consultant can provide you with a full list before you begin treatments.

4. Post-Treatment Instructions are Just as Important

How you treat your skin between sessions matters. After all, there’s no point in making such an investment only to undo everything as soon as you walk out the door.

Post-treatment instructions are meant to support the best results, reduce the risk of infection, and promote healing.

Although instructions will vary according to your particular treatment plan, products, and individual situation, here are some general guidelines to follow post-treatment:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and wear an approved sunscreen whenever you will be outdoors.
  • Avoid any strenuous activity for about a week
  • Avoid or limit alcohol consumption for three days prior to treatment and at least 48 hours after
  • Avoid massaging, pinching, or otherwise irritating the treatment area for 5 – 12 days

It’s also important to use a gentle skincare routine that includes mild products and minimal friction. Your aesthetician will advise you on what products to avoid.

5. Sometimes, Results Take a Little Time

Although you will notice some improvement immediately, especially with some fillers and neuromodulators, full results may not be apparent right away. There are several reasons why we recommend several sessions spread out over a period of weeks.

For one thing, it helps us to monitor how your skin will react to different products or treatments before moving forward. Secondly, spreading out treatments over several sessions is more cost-effective when budget is a consideration, and the results will appear more natural over time.

Your ultimate outcome will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your age and general condition
  • Lifestyle considerations, such as smoking, sun exposure, and alcohol consumption
  • Extent of beauty issues. For example, deep creases will take longer to treat than fine lines. Severe sun damage or acne scarring will impact the results as compared to skin with fewer issues.

The good news is that once your sessions are completed, your results will be long-lasting and require only periodic touchups. These treatments, in conjunction with regular beauty care and anti-aging measures, will help ensure firmer skin and a more youthful glow at any age.

Before Getting an Injectable Treatment

Pre-treatment guidelines are meant to provide optimal conditions and the best results. These can be done in stages, starting about seven days before your first session until the morning of your treatment.

  • One week before treatment: Stop taking over-the-counter medications that thin the blood, including aspirin, naproxen sodium, and ibuprofen. You should also stop taking supplements containing Ginko Biloba, primrose oil, St. John’s Wort, and vitamin E.
  • 48 hours before treatment: Stop using topical treatments that contain retinol, glycolic acid, and other anti-aging ingredients. You should also avoid waxing, shaving, tweezing, bleaching, or chemical hair removal.
  • 24 hours until the morning of treatment: Avoid alcohol consumption. Do not wear makeup, skin cream, or sunblock to the appointment.

Be aware that those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medications for certain neurological conditions, and who have open sores or eruptions on the face should temporarily delay treatment.

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